clang-format feature request

I’m not sure where best to post this, but I’d like to see a couple of features added to clang-format, and from browsing around, have seen others looking for these features, too.

  1. Ability to break declaration parameters into groups when more than N parameters are declared. For example, if I have more than 3 parameters declared, I’d like to see the declaration changed to show one parameter per line. I could imagine others would want a different grouping style, so maybe something like BreakParametersOfDeclarationAfter: 3, and BreakParametersOfDeclarationGroup: 1 to accomplish this.

  2. Ability to force the use of braces after an if statement, much like the clang-tidy readability-braces-around-statements option without needing to have a compilation database in place.

Any hope this request can make it to the appropriate ears?


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Any hope this request can make it to the appropriate ears?

You can log feature requests on the bug tracker:


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