Clang-Format need to set at root or project

  1. How do we run clang-format from root of build or project directory. Which is format of .c and .h etc. Or any reference links.

2.How do we contact to support team or any emails.

  1. Quick tutorials and list of all formatting with clang?

Please send us the best solutions. Have a nice day.


You can format a source file by simply running clang-format -i <path>.
There are also scripts like git clang-format or clang-format-diff that can help formatting a diff to avoid mass changing entire files.

Thanks Mehdi. We tried it with clang-format -i --style=WebKit /usr/workspace/Hello_World/ Doesn’t formatting source file of Hello_World.c . 1). When we set the path of source of clang-format -i --style=WebKit /usr/workspace/Hello_World/Hello_World.c it works. 2). How can we use clang format on project root instead of source file??. Thanks.