clang-format of OpenMP runtime source


We’ve gone through the process of clang-formatting our runtime code, and cleaning up a lot of the whitespace and some of the comments. We would like to apply the changes to the LLVM OpenMP runtime at some point soon.

Since doing so will definitely cause anyone with significant pending changes to the code base to have conflicts, I’d like to know who might have such issues so that we can coordinate a good time to perform the formatting update.



Great, thanks! -Hal

Hi Terry,

I’ve just committed one outstanding patch and reviewed another one. I’m now only aware of Andrey’s patches that he should probably commit before the reformatting.



Thanks! I just wanted to let people know it is coming. I’ll put it up in roughly the order we’re doing our local changes. So mostly the heads-up is for anyone non-Intel working on something big. There will be conflicts. I’ll most likely post the formatting patch within the month.