Clang-format penalty style options


I have been using clang-format for some time now and I am happy about its results.
However, in some case I wanted to improve a little its behavior and I believe I could do it by penalty style options: ‘Penalty*’.

Unfortunately, the descriptions of them in the documentation is pretty vague and I am not really sure how to adjust them to meet the expectations. I usually do it in a ‘hit-or-miss’ manner.

Could you please enlighten me a little what this ‘unsigned integer’ means as the argument in those options. I would be really pleasant to understand them better:

PenaltyBreakAssignment (unsigned)
PenaltyBreakBeforeFirstCallParameter (unsigned)
PenaltyBreakComment (unsigned)
PenaltyBreakFirstLessLess (unsigned)
PenaltyBreakString (unsigned)
PenaltyExcessCharacter (unsigned)
PenaltyReturnTypeOnItsOwnLine (unsigned)

Thank you a lot in advance.

Best regards,