[clang-format] serie of patches to support specific coding rules

Hello list,

During our last internal hackathon at Intersec, we (a team of 4 intersec developers with absolutely no knowledge of clang code) tried to adapt clang-format to our coding rules.

We would like to know if this kind of patches could be of interest, or if they are all too specific.

Here is a partial list of our patches just to give an idea:

1. Add a space after an assert instruction.

assert (ptr);

This patch is a bit specific but could be generalized to a list of keywords.

2. break line in else if

if (foo) {
} else
if (bar) {

3. "} else {" on the same line

if (foo) {
} else {

4. align logical operators with if and while

if (long_condition1
&& long_condition2)

Note that the conditions are also aligned.

5. have a regexp instead of a list in IsForEachMacro

The idea is that we have a lot of macros matching ".*_for_each_.*" that behaves as a for.

6. extra indent or outdent of label modifiers

void f(void) {
     goto end;

ping :wink:

I know these patches are not very exciting, but it would be interesting for us to have them upstream. And we obviously do not want to change the default behavior, but add a new option for each item.