clang frontend for cuda files.

I would like to be able to get AST of kernels written in CUDA, this is
mainly C with simple templates (no metaprogramming, templates are
usualy compile-time arguments to functions). Is clang C++ front end
able to parse such files? Examples can be found at or (choose cuda sdk).
Of course there are some additional reserved keywords, so clang wont
work out of the box, but that isn't the main problem.


I don't see any fundamental difficultly with making clang compile such
files; of course, we don't have support for CUDA-specific constructs
at the moment, but we'd be willing to integrate such support if
someone wanted to contribute it.

clang C++ support is relatively immature, so you might run into issues
with that, but clang should be able to parse code that isn't too
complicated and doesn't use the STL. I'd suggest trying it with the
code you're looking at to see what sorts of errors you get. I
wouldn't suggest using code generation for C++, since it's still
extremely immature, but that doesn't seem important to you. See for more details.