clang get_started.html's "Simultaneously Building" section seems redundant.

The page:

Contains a section titled "Building Clang and Working with the Code" and
a subsection "On Unix-like Systems", which contains 8 numbered
steps. Step 5 is entitled "Build LLVM and Clang:".

Right after the "On Unix-like Systems", there's another subsection
entitled "Simultaneously Building Clang and LLVM:" which seems to
say how to do the same thing as the Step 5 under subsection,
"On Unix-like Systems". The only difference, AFAICT, is the latter
builds in the LLVM source tree whereas the former builds in the
the directory named "build" that was created in Step 6:

  mkdir build (for building without polluting the source dir)

Is there any need for the "Simultaneously Building Clang and LLVM:"
subsection since the earlier section describes the preferred,
out-of-source, way to build llvm and clang?