Clang - Getting Started


I am following the Getting Starte steps… but I have some questions:

  1. (step 6) I got just “clang”… but in the web site appears “clang-cc”
  2. What can I expect when I use -fsyntax-only (check for correctness), I tried several errores, but I did not get anything
  3. When I used -emit-llvm (print out unoptimized llvm code), I got the following error:<clang: error: ‘i386-pc-linux-gnu’: unable to pass LLVM bit-code files to linker> What could be the error? I just followed the instructions.
    I need to mention that I did not run the step 5. I am not interested on C++ (for now)

clang-cc is the compiler front-end, and clang is the compiler driver. After a full make (or Visual Studio) build, both should be present among the generated executables. You might want to put the executable directory in your path, however (at least on Windows, which is what I use). On Windows they are in llvm\bin\debug. I forget where they are on Linux.