Clang in Visual Studio: cannot find include file


I’m trying clang-cl for my solution, but it cannot all my include files:
1>src\perm.cpp(12,10): fatal error : ‘lib/tools2/perm.h’ file not found
1> #include <tools2/perm.h>
1> ^
1> 1 error generated.

Full header path: C:\Work\lib\trunk\lib\tools2\perm.h
VS pass folder with this header to compiler: /I"C:\Work\lib\trunk\lib\workspaces...."

clang-cl -v
clang version 3.6.1 (tags/RELEASE_361/final)
Target: i686-pc-windows-msvc
Thread model: posix

How fix this issue?

i think i've found somthing similar - but still unable to reproduce it in an small example

are you able to reduce the error down to an simple example?

This looks like

Yes, you are right. Thank you

Вт, 30 июня 2015 г. в 19:47, Reid Kleckner <>: