Clang indexer for code completion, high level ide integration


(This is my first thread, so please go easy on me.)

After a few searches, I’ve been unable to find any mention of a clang based indexer meant for integration with IDEs (sans a thread from 2010).

This is something that has always bothered me (and probably others). There should be no need for an independent indexer (eg ctags) for ide purposes. Rather, the same parse tree / symbol table etc available to the compiler should be used.

As I understand it, people have written their own because teasing that data out of gcc is a pain.

Is there such a mechanism in place in clang?
Where would be a good place in the code to start?


Have you looked into DXR? <>

Nothing yet, but there's some initial design underway:
(refer to the whole thread rather than just the initial post I'm
linking to, of course)