Clang/LLVM-based Project: Looking for Interested Collaborator

Hello, my name is Dave Pearah, and I’m the CEO of the HDF Group, creators and maintainers of open source HDF5 ( for over 30 years.

My reason for reaching out: we’re looking for a part-time collaborator for a software project that relies on Clang / LLVM. This builds on the great work already started by another member of the HDF community:

Modern C++ interface for HDF5: extending to support HPC and parallel I/O

We’re looking for a collaborator who brings experience with both LLVM and Clang, and is interested and available to work on this project on a part-time basis. Schedule and level of commitment would be very flexible, i.e. no need to quit day-job :slight_smile: The only requirement is that this work is performed in the United States (note: required by the project funding source, not us).

If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to me ( and my colleague Gerd Heber ( directly. Thanks for your consideration!

– dave