Clang/llvm build fail

Hi All
I don’t know if this is the proper distrilist here for the question.
I am new at clang, I tried a clang/llvm build with the receipe on clang web pages and my build fail.

My build node is an hp dl360 24 proc 64 gb mem ubuntu 18.04 latest update. Native cc is gcc 7.

I followed the receipe to the letter for a git dowload build. I did the bare cmake line that is supposed to bringup a debug version.

The only variation I made is a final

$ make -j 48

The bulk build seems ok with progression going to 100% then massive ld are fired that took for ever after 5 hours i killed the build.

The questions
Does make -j supported ?
And does those massive ld are expected and I should have waited longer

Thanx in advance

  1. ensure you’re using gold or lld to link, not bfd.ld (that should probably be enough to fix your issue)
  2. consider using Split DWARF (there’s an option for that in cmake) to reduce the size of the linked binaries, assuming you’re building with debug info (if you don’t need debug info, disable that)
  3. there is some way (maybe a cmake option) to reduce the number of parallel link commands that could help as well

Thanx David, using gold was enough to solve, I don’t have resource problem so number of run with -j48 seems ok, there were never this many number of gold instances. I will look at split dwarf next build from scratch :slight_smile: