Clang macro debug info

Hiya everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows about the status of inspecting macros for objects compiled with clang.
Using either the DWARF 5 .debug_macro section or DWARF 4 .debug_macinfo section.

We can debug macros from gcc with -g3, but I can't seem to get clang to emit anything lldb can use.
Neither -gdwarf-4 or -gdwarf-5 look like they emit the necessary debug info.

Am I just compiling incorrectly or is clang(or lldb) missing some functionality?


You should ask on a clang list for a 100% correct answer, but I am pretty sure clang does not support macro information. You can get somewhat the same result by building clang modules and importing them into lldb. But you can't build modules for C++ yet, so you can only do this for C & ObjC programs.