clang-{modernize,tidy} service for github repositories?

Has anyone considered making clang-modernize/clang-tidy available
as a service for github repositories?

I was thinking something where you authorize the service to use your
repository, similar to the way <> is authorized.
Then you can go to a web form and pick the transformations you'd like
to have clang-modernize run (or clang-tidy or whatever) and then it
generates a pull request with the changes.

I'm always trying think of ways to make refactoring for C++ more
available :-).

I've spent some time thinking about something along these lines. Rather than focusing on a one time request, I was thinking more along the lines of an ongoing process where you'd authorize a bot to monitor the code base. That bot would then either submit patches or reviews (depending on preference) to fix any issues it identified.

I've got some basic code written - really basic! - which handles the actual patch generation. I've been stalled thinking more about the interface and usage models than anything else. My initial idea was a direct submission by the bot (after a build cycle of course), but pretty much every developer I talked to rejected that idea. :slight_smile: Having all the filters in place to identify the 'good changes' (as judged by this particular developer) has turned out to actually be the hard part. I'm to the point where I feel I somewhat understand that part of it, but haven't switched back to actually writing code yet.

There's also the issue that such a service would require money to actually run. I was actually thinking of this mostly as a possible business - which is part of the reason I've been stalled - but it could also be managed as a charity. The operational budget wouldn't need to be huge, but it's not entirely trivial either. (Particular if it gets any traction.)

If you'd be interested in collaborating on something, let me know.