Clang++/MSVC10 chokes on "__unaligned" in VS header files

I can explain that. I wrote that code.

Clang doesn't even know anything about the MSVC __unaligned keyword. The
__unaligned you saw in there was part of a comment documenting the MSVC
name-mangling scheme (which most of that file is dedicated to
implementing at the moment). MSVC will mangle __unaligned into the name;
but since Clang doesn't support __unaligned yet, Clang doesn't do that
just yet. I documented it so I'd remember how to mangle it if and when
Clang does support __unaligned.
> Anything I can do? Thanks!
File a bug and write patches. Feel free to implement mangling
__unaligned in the Microsoft mangler (everything you need should be in
that file).


Ah, that's what I thought. I guess this means that Clang is unusable
with the Windows SDK and its (C/C++ standard) libraries? So that
limits me to GCC's libstdc++ as the only C++ library usable on Windows
for CLang at the moment?



That's one of many, many problems that Clang will have when trying to parse Visual Studio headers. Thankfully, people are working on addressing these issues.

For now, if you need a working Clang compiler on Windows, you'll need to use GCC's libstdc++.

  - Doug