clang multi-threaded compiling


I am working on a C++ project using Eclipse IDE.
When I edit some code, and then go to debug it, it takes time to compile the one .cpp file I was editing, and then link it, and then the debugger starts.
I have a 16 CPU Cores PC, but I have noticed for the use case:
“one compile then one link”
It is only using 1 CPU Core.
It is therefore slow to cycle between edit code, and debug it.

How do I get clang to use more than one core when compiling a single .cpp file?

How do I get clang to use more than one core when linking?

Essentially, any way to speed up the “one compile then one link” use case would help me.

The build tool is “ninja”, so a way for ninja to use clang in this way would help.

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What build system are ou using? Ninja is built for parallel builds, and even with makefiles you can use -j X where X is the number of cores to parallize it.

in my expierence, the most expensive parts of compiling Clang is linking and running dysmutil for the debug symbols.

Hello James,

The compiler is not multi-threaded when you build a single file. There was a long thread on the subject last year:

But it’s not something trivial to achieve.

The LLD linker however is multithreaded in part. Are you running on Windows or Linux?

If Windows, you can do:

$ clang-cl /c -gcodeview-ghash file.cpp

$ lld-link /DEBUG:GHASH file.obj …

…to reduce build times a bit. With LLD 12.0 the linker will be faster when using these flags.

You can also try disabling optimizations with /Od to save some time in the compiler.

Precompiled headers or modules will certainly help as well when iterating: