[Clang] [NFC] Minor code style cleanup in Clang's codebase.


Just wanted to ask for a minor consensus on whether Clang developers are happy with me
going through with minor code cleanups and style consistency improvements such as this one:


I generally just do code review for minor bits and pieces but sometimes I can't help but notice that
that there are major inconsistencies around the code in question. I wanted to ask if you're are
(the Clang community) okay with me doing minor followup style consistency fixes like the one above
especially given that this will be my first Clang commit done not on behalf of someone else.

They shouldn't ever break builds as I have my own build infrastructure I use and I generally, depending
on the nature of the change run even small things like these on my own buildbots.

With that in mind, would people be okay with me proceeding with changes like these bit by bit as I
do other code reviews and notice things like this and do people generally want/benefit from small
and incremental style/consistency improvements like that?

Just trying to be helpful in one way or another.

- Kristina

Hi Kristina,

I believe in general the community frowns on "gratuitous" formatting
changes, meaning don't go looking for places to change for no other
reason than the formatting or other stylistic things aren't great.
Basically, it clutters the commit history and makes "archaeology"

If it's an immediate followup to tidy a commit you made yourself,
that's fine, because the commits will be adjacent in the history
and that's not an archaeological problem. But as noted in the
review, it's always better to use clang-format (or at least do what
clang-format would have done). There's also the clang-format-diff
tool, which keeps new style problems from creeping in with a patch.

Another thing people will do is clang-format an entire module that
they are about to *start* significant work on, because then the
functional patches are easier to review. But it sounds like that's
not what you are asking about.