Clang python bindings tests failing on Windows7/MSVC10

When running the tests for the clang python bindings on windows 7 (x64, clang built with MSVC 10). This failure does not occur on Linux (Mint 12, clang built with gcc 4.6.1)

I think it is an intentional inconsistency in the way Clang handles enums when generating code for enums.

If I remember correctly gcc defaults to unsigned while MSVC defaults to int; Clang then just emulate their behavior in an attempt to be as close as possible to the code they emit.

I do not know how to “force” the target triplet in python tests, but this is generally the way used to get a platform independent test.

– Matthieu

That makes sense.

I don’t see anything in nosetests that specifies a platform, but we could simply check for == ‘nt’ ( ) and check for TypeKind.INT on windows.