clang regression testing if failling.

Hi,To run test-suites of clang ,I followed these steps:

  1. made a setup of clang tool-chain, After that cloned test suites from and a frame-work of dejagnu,
  2. written a machine board file riscv-sim.exp to dejagnu folder & site.exp to the test-suites folder where we want to run test-sites.
  3. Run runtest driver, $ runtest --tool gcc
    Here i was getting around 18k linker errors.
  • From those Errors, i have noticed that it was excepting some library. Please check in attached log

Could someone help me fix it?
Here is one analysis done on one test-case :
Run single test case to know whats the problem, with library,
$ runtest --tool gcc (Running in x86 ubuntu 16


Invoking the compiler as /home/exaleapserver/ws/khan/tools/LLVM/Basic-llvm/Exe-linux/bin/clang --static /home/exaleapserver/ws/khan/tools/LLVM/test/clang-regression/clang-tests/gcc-4_2-testsuite/src/ -dynamiclib -mlongcall -DNO_TRAMPOLINES -fno-show-column -g -o /home/exaleapserver/ws/khan/tools/LLVM/test/clang-regression/September_26_2019/wrkdir/

output is clang-10: [0;1;35mwarning: margument unused during compilation: ‘-dynamiclib’ [-Wunused-command-line-argument]

FAIL: building longcall/dylib library

site.exp (1.23 KB)

riscv-sim.exp (1.54 KB)