Clang-Rename usage multiple files

I saw this mail from December and decided to give it a try. Short investigation below.

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Johan Fänge


I can’t say that I’m entirely sure why this happens; I haven’t looked at the code in a long time, and even when it was submitted it was far from complete - I had the intention of pushing more updates, but then school was all “nope.”

Here are some issues I have with the code right now that could possibly explain the problem:

• The file we check for the name in is the first file returned by CommonOptionsParser::getSourceFileList. I have no idea what order that actually is - it is something I should have determined.

• There are a bunch of methods left out of both of the visitors (I have the cases I some file on my Dropbox, but never got the chance to submit a patch). This could be the reason the parens are being overwritten.

There is nothing I would like to do more than fix these issues. Unfortunately it is spring break and I am far away from any computer that I could use.

My advice for now: don’t use clang rename. Or: fix clang rename before using it.

Regardless, file a bug report if that’s even possible for clang tools extra, and I will try to determine the problem within the coming month before classes start to kick my posterior again. It’s very unfortunate for my pride that the only acknowledgement of my work has been how bloody broken it is, so I will try to rectify that.


Matthew, I see 2 clang-rename bugs currently open - if you create an account for, I’ll make sure to cc you on them in the future :slight_smile:

I have created an account under this email address. I’ll try to address the bugs as soon as I have time!