clang: Report Diagnostic ID for diagnostics


There is no ErrorID or StaticAnalyzerCheckerID associated with diagnostics being reported.


Core.1: The right operand of ‘==’ is a garbage value

Security.2: < diagnostic >


It will help categorize the diagnostics in report.


Sujit Kamthe


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Hi, Sujit. Our bug reports do have categories right now, which you can see in the scan-build HTML output or in Xcode. As you pointed out, though, individual bug types do not currently have IDs. This is something we've discussed internally before, but we'd like to make sure we do it right. (For example, Clang's warnings have names, not numbers. Should the analyzer also have names? Should the names be hierarchical? How should bug types correspond to whether various checkers are enabled?)

I thought there was an outstanding Bugzilla report for this, but I can't see one in a quick skim through the list. Maybe Ted or Anna can find one.

Thanks for the report,

I don’t believe there is an existing bug for this.

Sujit: can you file one? We can continue the discussion there.

Hi Ted,

I have reported a bug [bug 14209]