CLang Static Analysis -- false positives

I'm using scan-build (aka CLang Static Analysis) to check through ITK

There is a common 'single exit from function' pattern used several places:

  int status = EXIT_SUCCESS;
  // do a bunch of stuff, and if there's a failure
    status = EXIT_FAILURE;
  return status;

I tried making a simple test case to flush out this false positive
error, but I can't seem to trigger it. Is there some trick to this?

Sorry, what result are you expecting? There's no problem with the code you've posted. Are you /getting/ a warning that you don't expect?

If you can find something that is definitively a bug, though, it's probably best to file it on our bug tracker at, though checking here to see if it's really a bug (or if it's a known problem) is perfectly okay.


OK, well I guess what I need to do is submit a preprocessed source
file where I think there's a false positive. Thanks for your help.

One thing I do like about scan-build is that a lot of the problems it
catches have implications beyond just bugs -- if I look at the code
and understand why it is complaining, many times it pushes me to come
up with a clearer and more robust flow of control within a given

It also can fill one with dispair, if you process 3rd party libraries
that can't directly fix. The world seems full of shoddy code that
accidentally works.