Clang static analyzer buildbot?

Dear clang community,

Several years ago I did a tiny little bit of work on integrating static analysis test suites into the clang static analyzer (scan-build) buildbot. I really liked the opportunities I saw to improve, and indeed, didn’t get as far along as I’d like to have, as other things in life got in the way.

I’m curious to get back involved in it in some way, but I’m not sure if there’s still a travis CI type buildbot around or where it is. Could anybody provide any insight?

Hmm, is it ok to bump a thread by CCing some people who were involved at the time? I don’t wanna make more noise on the mailing list since it’s only been a (weekend!) day, but I guess I’ll try anyways. Sorry, uninvolved parties!

  • Artem and Valeriy

(+/- involved people)

The current state-of-the-art solution is Valeriy’s docker container (the docker command). It produces the same results regardless of the host system so people can use it to test individual patches locally.

Publicly buildbot-ifying this thing could be pretty awesome and was part of the plan but we didn’t get to that part yet.