Clang Static analyzer without building

Hello everyone,
This is my first mail to the mailing list.

I wanted to ask is there a way to use the Clang Static Analyzer without integrating it with the build process of a project? I want to use the analyzer for analysis of RTEMS codebase

As of now we only analyze code that compiles without errors to begin with. This does force us to have some amount of interaction with the build system.

What are your problems with scan-build though? Is it somehow not working for your build system? RTEMS looks like it has a plain old Makefile; as long as it respects environment variables CC and CXX, "scan-build make" should work just fine.

Okay, thank-you
I will run with scan-build then. I asked this as I want to add “clang static analyzer and llvm sanitizers” in the most simplest way.