[Clang Static Code Analyzer]: Need information about Callee.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please provide me some pointers to make my sample program work (To at least find which function will be called).


Oops, I'm sorry. The analyzer currently doesn't evaluate the initializers of global variables, even if they're marked const. This is a known issue.

If you move the definitions of array1 and array2 into main(), you should see the actual values for the function being called, but that still won't work if you have array[i] (i.e. a variable index instead of a constant index). You could try looking at every element in the array by constructing the appropriate regions for array[0].func_ptr, array[1].func_ptr, etc., but that seems like a lot of effort for not very much benefit.

Is there a problem you're actually trying to solve here? Or are you just trying to make the analyzer more precise by not treating the indirect call as opaque?