clang test failing: CodeGen/mandel.c

A recent run of "make test" shows that the test CodeGen/mandel.c is failing on Mac OS 10.5.2/Intel. Can someone else verify? Was there a change made to LLVM that has broken the test? I'm at TOT for both LLVM and clang:

Revision: 47532 (LLVM)
Revision: 47532 (clang)


I'm seeing this also. It looks like memory corruption to me: the crash is in sema, but it only happens when -emit-llvm is passed. Can someone with valgrind access please grind it?

Here's a .i file, in case headers matter:

mandel.i.gz (3.74 KB)

Ground, and found :slight_smile:

On a side note, it would be nice if the FoldingSet were smart enough
to catch this kind of error.