Clang-tidy 17.0.6 hangs on a file

Switching from Apple Clang 14 to LLVM 17 on Mac, one file in out product never finishes compiling when clang-tidy is enabled.

Is there a way to quickly narrow down which check(s) could be the culprit?

Thank you!

Start disabling some checks one by one or by group and you will find out.

This is exactly what I was trying to avoid since we enable all checks as a base and suppress groups or individual checks as needed.

Check first bugprone-unchecked-optional-access, then misc-const-correctness.

Thank you!

bugprone-unchecked-optional-access was the culprit.

Is there a chance of it being fixed in 17.x?
We won’t be able to upgrade to 18 until it is stable.

“Is there a chance of it being fixed in 17.x?”