Clang-tidy checking concrete files by the chosen filter - idea

I’m not sure that is the correct place, but I didn’t find the configuration in clang-tidy where a developer could combine concrete files with a bunch of filters to find the warnings in his code. For example, each file or group of files would set its own filters like modernize* but other files in this project could be filtered by readability* only.

This is an example of expanding on my idea, based on Clang-Tidy — Extra Clang Tools 16.0.0git documentation

    Checks:              '-*,some-check'
    WarningsAsErrors:    ''
    HeaderFilterRegex:   ''
    FormatStyle:         none
    InheritParentConfig: true
    User:                user
      - key:             some-check.SomeOption
        value:           'some value'
	# Additional options	
	  - key: 			 some-group-of-CPP-files
	    regex:           '*.cpp, *hpp'
		checks:	         'modernize*, google*'
	  - key:             some-group-of-C-files
	    regex:           '*.c, *h'
		checks:	         'readability*'
Usage: CodeChecker analyze --filter-config <file_with_filters>

What do You think, would be a good idea? or that tools already exist?