[clang-tidy] Disable individual checks


I have an example where I think [clang-analyzer-cplusplus.NewDelete] is reporting a false positive.

While I would like to prove that point, I need to spend some time making a much smaller reproducible test case

In the meantime, Is it possible for me to disable an individual rule via the .clang-tidy file without disabling them all and then re-enabling all but the one I want?


As described in the documentation (http://clang.llvm.org/extra/clang-tidy/index.html, also clang-tidy -help), you can use the “Checks” option in the .clang-tidy file to disable or enable any set of checks. E.g. to disable clang-analyzer-cplusplus.NewDelete you can use a .clang-tidy file with this line: