[Clang-tidy] Migrate boost library components to STL

Hi all,
I know many open source projects (companies) are using C++11/14 standard, so they have to use boost to get library features like std::any, std:: variant and etc. However, they eventually moved to C++17 when time passed by. So I wonder if there are any approaches to automatically migrate boost library components to STL? I also saw this issue: https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28558 This issue has been posted 5 years ago, so I wonder if there are any progresses.

Would it be great if we can make a clang-tidy check like migrate-boost-to-std and offer fixit? Is this hard to implement? Is this worth implementing? I’m very happy to work on this if someone is willing to give me some guidance, as I’m a beginner and not very familiar with this stuff. :wink:


Jun Zhang