clang-tidy : Modify cert-err60-cpp configuration

We want to modify the aforementioned check so that it does not flag the exceptions that aren’t nothrow copy constructible/assignable.

This page

tells me to dump the configs of all the checks using

%clang-tidy -checks=* -dump-config

but it does not mention the cert-err60-cpp.

How do I modify the configuration of this check so that it ignores
exceptions that aren’t nothrow copy constructible/assignable ?

Or should I just disable the check altogether ?



You should disable the check (or fix the offending code) -- the
purpose to that check is specifically to diagnose exceptions that are
not nothrow copy constructible, in conformance to
ERR60-CPP. Exception objects must be nothrow copy constructible - SEI CERT C++ Coding Standard - Confluence.


Ok, I’ll do that.