[clang-tidy] new checker to find/replace throw() with noexcept

I needed to replace a bunch of “throw()” specifiers with a macro, so I wrote a clang-tidy checker to do it for me.

The new checker that will find and replace “throw()” specifiers in function declarations with either “noexcept” or a macro of your choice.

Please let me know if this is something you’d like in clang-tidy, and I’ll clean it up and submit a patch.


This sounds like a good idea, I presume it would go into ‘modernise’

Just out of curiosity, how would it differ from a crude textual search-and-replace?


Guess I’m just lazy.

If I used a crude tool, I’d have to keep track of context myself, e.g., am I in a comment or not. A bit too tedious and error prone for me, especially for large projects with lots of files.

That’s a good enough argument to convince me.

I look forward to seeing your patch.