clang-tidy: SIGSEGV in clang::Type::isDependentType (8.0.1 and llvm-svn: 371920)


I'm getting a segmentation fault when running clang-tidy. It happens
both on clang-tidy-8 installed on Debian testing (1:8.0.1-3+b1) and
built on llvm-svn: 371920 (git commit 8f6d40e9b1 on github

gdb output below, sorry if it's messy:

Hi again,

I was able to reduce the source to just 19 loc and two headers,
<sstream> and <boost/asio.hpp> (from libboost-all-dev

Note that the reduced source does not compile and it didn't compile
when I first got the crash, but I guess that clang-tidy shouldn't
crash in either case.

Attached is source file and compile command database (need to adjust
paths). It crashes with default checks, e.g. just `clang-tidy`.

- Simon (792 Bytes)

compile_commands.json (203 Bytes)

Does the compiler itself (clang++) crash (segfault) when presented
with the same source file ?


Yes it does. I didn't know that before as I use gcc/g++ to compile.
See output below. Not sure if I can attach the source in the mail as
they are 15M. I guess that I just should submit a regular bug report
and attach it there. Currently waiting for an account to be created.

- Simon