[clang-tidy] Support for negative convention


Is there a way for clang-tidy to support negative convention ?

For example, I would like to forbid public members to start with an m_.

I can use key: readability-identifier-naming.PublicMemberCase,value: camelBack to identify such cases, but not for automatically fixing it as will turn a m_attr into a mAttr whereas what I want is attr.

Any help appreciated.

David Come


readability-identifier-naming has only support for adding prefixes/postfixes at the moment. This is functionality you would need to implement yourself (patches welcome ;))
It might be a good idea to allow an additional, optional configuration that specifies a regex names must adhere to. This would probably give a better experience for special demands like this.

Best, Jonas

Ok, thanks for the answers. I’ll look into it at some point in the foreseeable future (couple of months).