Clang to find its own headers


Forgive my noobish question, I’m new to actually touching the Clang/LLVM codebase.

Where is it coded how Clang finds its own headers from under ’lib/clang/7.0.0/include’? I’m helping with the packaging of LLVM on Windows for Vcpkg and the resulting Clang install doesn’t work, it fails to finds its own headers. Are Clang installs relocatable? Vcpkg builds packages out of source into a staging directory. If both Debug and Release builds go fine, it does a few extra checks and copies the result of the ’install’ target which went to the staging dir to its final location. I don’t know if this workflow causes the problem or the layout is different than what Clang would expect.

Where should I start looking?



ps.: all this is in order to make POCL compile on Windows. As far as I saw there’s nothing prohibiting it (the ICD might), it’s just that the latest Windows install guide still mentions Clang 3.6. I already had to patch llvm-config.exe to report correct paths with the install layout enforced by Vcpkg, but the heders are still a problem.