clang Tool: include paths rewritten

Hi everyone,

I’m currently building a tool, which does source to source translation and it works great for certain cases.
However if I want to include a big project it throws a load of errors saying that it does not find header files.

The big project consists of certain subproject. The tool manages to translate each subproject separately but not the whole project.

I tracked the problem down and found that -Isrc from my compilation database gets rewritten to one specific src folder in one project but does not get rewritten to the correct path as soon as the translation unit changes. Therefore as soon as a new Translation unit from another project starts the tool does not find the header files.

Is this a known problem or is there some way to go around this?

PS: If I change the -Isrc statement into -I…/SUBPROJECTNAME/src it works

Thanks for any help or suggestions on what to do.