Clang usage from Java

Hi Dev team,

I found Clang to be extremely powerful, you are really great architects!
I've heard a lot about LLVM, but deep dived into your project only when Googled about "SymTab implementation" which I have to implement for my project.
As a result I've watched quite a few presentations from LLVM confs and I'm more than impressed.

Any advice what could be the right direction if I'd like to use it from Java?
Are there any known java ports of clang? (like Lucene/CLucene mirrors?)

I think nothing up-to-date due to your speed of development, but what if...
Anyway, what would be your recommendation if I'd like to apply clang's functionality including incremental reparse in editor-like Java application where user edited code is C/C++ languages?

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

There was some talk about Java on the mailing list a month ago, take a look here

Thanks for the pointer.