Clang Visual Studio 2012 Errors


I’m trying to build clang in Visual Studio 2012 and I’m getting multiple errors.

When trying to build clang-test, I have multiple Intrisic::aarch64_… not found in CGBuiltin.cpp.

Also when the test start I have an error saying bash.exe is not found. I’m not sure if these are different errors or two symptoms of the same problem.

I followed the instruction on but I seem to be missing something. Anyone knows the cause of these issues and how to fix them?

The complete output of the errors is at the end of this email.

Finally, can I build clang with visuals studio and use libc++ instead of the MS STL implementation?

Thank you for your help


Looks like you have an out-of-date checkout of LLVM. endswith_lower was added last week I think.