Clang vs. Tendra?

The “Clang vs. XXX” page ( ), includes a note to “email cfe-dev if you think we should add another compiler to this list.”

Tendra appears to have many of the features Clang is scheduled to have, including a BSD-like license and good semantic information. The main differnces I can see are that Tendra (1) has a C codebase, and (2) does not have Objective-C/Objective-C++ support. There are two competing projects, both about the same level of usability, at and .

It has a number if significant problems (C99, C++, GNU extension support etc), and my understanding is that the code base is difficult to deal with. I have not experimented with it or looked at the implementation in enough depth to know how useful it would be for non-codegen tasks though. The bigger problem with Tendra is that the project is effectively dead, or moving so glacially that is effectively dead (AFAIK).

Have you used Tendra before?