Clang "warning: cannot find entry symbol mit-llvm-bc"


I am new to Clang. There is a warning when I use clang

$llvmc -clang test.c

“…/bin/ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol mit-llvm-bc; defaulting to 00000000004003c0

llc: bitcode didn’t read correctly.”

When I use lli to execute the test.bc as

$lli test. bc

The error message is

“lli: error loading program ‘test.bc’: Bitcode stream should be a multiple of 4 bytes in length”

Anyone give help on it?

Thanks in advance.


This looks like something has gone wrong during command-line parsing,
and it has interpreted -emit-llvm-bc as "entrypoint is mit-llvm-bc"

If you just want to create a bitcode from clang simplest way is to run:
clang -emit-llvm-bc test.c -o test.bc test.c -c

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