clang with GNUStep on windows - compile error

Hi Folks,

I’d like to build a simple GNUStep app on windows 7 with clang. I’ve managed, I think, to get a workable command line but this error has got me stuck:

“EmitRawText called on an MCStreamer that doesn’t support it, something must not

be fully mc’ized”

Any ideas?



That’s a compiler bug. Can you extract a test-case from your source?


(cc: cfe-dev)


The failure doesn’t reproduce for me on Darwin with top-of-tree clang. (I did mock up a quick Divide_Result.h, though, so the file would build.)

Which version of clang are you using? If a previous release, it’s possible this has been fixed since then.

If it does reproduce for you with top-of-tree clang, then there’s something different on Windows that’s exposing the errant behavior. In which case, we can try reproducing it via a bitcode file. To get that, run the command line that builds the calc.o file and add “-emit-llvm -o calc.bc” to it. That’ll output a self-contained intermediate file we can use to try to reproduce the behavior elsewhere.