clang with Python release3.1-maint


I'm at a bit of a loss here for how to continue. I've built
llvm/clang from svn, and I'm compiling the latest rev from the Python
3.1 release branch. It compiles fine, but fails its regression suite.
I've tried recompiling using gcc instead and it seems to work fine.

I'm not sure if this is a clang problem, an llvm problem, a Python
problem, a library problem (Ubuntu 8.04.2), or maybe something else

Here's where I'm at so far:

- I've tried compiling with -O0, no change
- I've used GDB to narrow down the segfault to a somewhat complicated
piece of code (in expat, which has apparently been stable for a long
- Valgrind reports a lot of bad memory access (Python, I think, should
generate some as "known behaviour", but when compiled with clang it
produces quite a bit more)

I'm not really sure where to go next to optimize the use of my time...
I've done quite a bit of search for others that have experienced
similar issues, but have so far come up mostly dry...

Any thoughts? I'll keep poking at it and see if I can make any progress.