clang3.4 and C++11 thread_local on OS X


From the C++11 status page it seems that thread_local is supported from clang 3.3,

but with clang 3.4 shipped with xcode 5.1 I get:

error: thread-local storage is unsupported for the current target

I'm compiling on x86_64 which is the most common target I can think of... so,
is it unsupported on OS X yet? Where is it supported? on linux? on BSDs?
Maybe something about this should be stated on the status page..

Thank you very much,

What is your project "Deployment Target" build setting ?

It's "OS X 10.9”, and the architecture is x86_64


IIRC, the OS X support has been implemented in clang between clang 3.4 and 3.5. I though it was already available in Xcode but look like you're right.

So, using C++ thread_local already works with actual clang release and TOT and will hopefully appears soon in Xcode too.

Thank you very much for the clarification!