Clangd CUDA support

Hi guys,

I couldn't find any reliable info whether clangd supports CUDA completion.

Docs mention only C++. Yet, I tried using it with some CUDA code. I didn't succeed trying with YCM nor VS Code. Is it possible at all? How much effort would that possibly take to develop support for CUDA?

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Hi Jacek,

We haven’t put any effort into supporting CUDA so far.
However, clang supports CUDA, so basic features should work on CUDA code, e.g. non-CUDA-specific completions, resolve, etc.

The difficulty is obtaining a compilation database that specifies proper CUDA-specific flags.

Could you describe the setup with YCM or VSCode that you tried and that didn’t work for you? What’s the project (if it’s open-source) you tried running on? What’s your OS and what kind of toolchain do you use for the build (nvcc, clang)?

Hi Ilya,

Thank you for replying!

Today, I did some more extensive testing. I’ve managed to run YCM with clangd support successfully. I still fail with libclang. I guess that’s a whole different story.

It turns out, I’ve been using compile_commands.json generated by cmake, which doesn’t support clang as cuda compiler. After correcting the flags manually, I was able to get completion for a .cu file. Like you said, it doesn’t recognize cuda specific code, e.g. __syncthreads(); but I reckon those are fixable by some quick macros and include hacks.

However, my setup of VSCode fails completely when it comes to .cu files. I am attaching screen showing a simple cpp-only completion test. I expected it would know a list of vector’s method.
Arch linux 5.0.3
VSCode 1.32.3, vscode-clangd 0.0.11
clangd 7.0.1

My project is closed source. I need some CUDA 9 and 10 features so I am kinda forced to use nvcc.

I suppose the next position on my wish list is generating commands for clang by cmake or accepting nvcc flags by clang. Even with script replacing flags, needing to run it each time I regenerate flags is dull.

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Ah, we don’t have clangd enabled for .cu files, would should do the trick clangd.
However, I’m not 100% certain it’s a good idea since compilation db seems to be broken for CUDA files by default. OTOH, clangd is already enabled on CUDA headers, so it’s not like we were handling this use-case properly anyway.

We have made a new release of the vscode-clangd. The new version v0.0.12 should support .cu files, but note that the extension is not enabled by vscode if you just open a .cu file, you’d need to run the activation command to activate the extension (on Linux, press “Ctrl+P” to open the “Quick Open” file list, type “> activate clangd”, and select the item it suggested).