Clangd linting fails in cross-compilation setup

I recently created a multi-arch docker container to develop for arm64. My setup seems to work fine. I managed to build OpenCV and a test it on the target device (r-pi 3b+). Clangd on the other hand generates a lot of errors which seem to be related to arm neon:

arm_neon.h[38, 9]: Error occurred here
Unknown type name '__Int8x8_t'
Unknown type name '__Int16x4_t'
Unknown type name '__Int32x2_t'; did you mean '__int32_t'? (fix available)

They show up as soon as OpenCV’s main header is included. To make sure it’s getting the correct system headers, I’ve set this launch option for vscode’s clangd plugin: --query-device=aarch64-linux-gnu-g++-9.
I’d appreciate any tips or suggestions.