clangfunction & type aliases/custom types

I've been trying to use clangfunction to execute a function in my program, but all my functions return an typedef type, or an objc type, whatever I try though I get: error: unknown type name 'NSString'

what am I missing in either my codegen or calling code to get this all working? obviously these types are known to the debugger itself

If you have no debug info, you will only get symbols. You won't have types if you don't have debug info either. There is some support for getting objc types from the runtime, but you won't be able to request any SBType values from any SBModule or SBTarget objects if you don't have debug info. I know the expression parse does some extra stuff to be able to play with objc types, so you might have to run an expression in order to be able to extract the type from the result.

value = lldb.frame.EvaluateExpression("NSString *a = nil; a")

Then you can get the type using:

t = value.GetType()

Yeah actually that's the problem. It's completely aware of NSString and other types, I can even get the Canonical type if it's a typedef, it's just that the parser inside ClangFunction is unaware of these types. so I can get an SBType just fine.