clarification to copyright section of developer policy

Hi All,

I updated the copyright section of the developer policy:

This change doesn't affect any llvm policies, it just makes the developer policy reflect reality.

The previous version (archived here: used to claim that all copyright was assigned to the university of illinois. Since LLVM doesn't have a written copyright assignment process, this is just not true. In practice, copyright assignment is really only useful (afaik) for two things:

1) being able to change the copyright in the future.
2) having a single entity to down violators of the license.

Since neither of these are really interesting goals for the project, having distributed copyright is not a problem. My personal belief is that, for almost all contributors, distributed copyright is better, because it means that your code won't be changed to a different license in the future without your control.

I'm happy to answer any comments or concerns,


Not currently, but project goals do change over time.

(I don't think the "hunt down violators" aspect is relevant at all; any contributor should have authority to pounce on violators. At least that's how German Urheberrecht works, AFAIK.)


I'm guessing that the distributed ownership would give the defense lawyers plenty of opportunity to spread FUD about whether any single person can actually claim a significant violation.