[Classic flang] RFC: Switch from flang-compiler/llvm to flang-compiler/classic-flang-llvm-project


I have just experimentally verified that it is possible to build the classic flang project using only the flang-compiler/classic-flang-llvm-project release_100 with:

  • gcc 9
  • gcc 10 (with a few patches included)
  • llvm 9/10/11

and pass all tests for all these setups.

The flang-compiler/llvm + flang-compiler/flang-driver, which are currently suggested in the official Build Instructions, only built with gcc-9 for me and are forks of outdated and archived stand-alone llvm mirrors.

It seems that the switch would do no harm, but would instead simplify the build process and bring in some llvm updates from the monorepo and make it easier to bring them in in the future.

To accomplish the switch I think we should:

  1. Update the build instructions by removing steps 2,3,4,5.
  2. Update the recently added Github Actions scripts to follow the new, simpler flow.
  3. (optionally) Deprecate the flang-compiler/llvm and flang-compiler/flang-driver repos.

Detailed evidence for successful builds:

There’s a high chance I am missing something important here, so I will gladly welcome your comments.

Best regards,

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