__clear_cache on ARM


I’ve just found that the current SVN trunk has some toolchain dependencies on ARM cross compiling.

i.g. the __clear_cache in lib/System/Memory.cpp is not defined in my toolchain (codesourcery 2007q3, gcc version 4.2.1).

What is the official(?) toolchain version used for ARM cross-compilation?



I don't think there are any official toolchain supported but the code
are known to cross compile and to be compiled natively on arm using GCC
4.3.3 and later.

the __clear_cache was inserted into the SVN trunk to enable ARM Linux
builds to clear the instruction cache to prevent crashes when running
jited code.

The toolchans provided from Ubuntu for native builds and Openembedded
for crosscompile builds are known to work.
Codesourcery 2009q1 with gcc 4.3.3 should also work.