Clearing CVSWeb Stuck Tag


If you use the CVSWeb facility to browse the CVS history, you may have
noticed that on occasion it won't show any files and at the bottom it
says "There are XX files, but none match the current tag".
Unfortunately, this is a bug in CVSWeb. If someone sets the current tag,
that setting is retained across users and sessions. Fortunately, there
is a work around: just add "?tag=" (without the quotes) to the end of
your URL in the browser. That will set the tag to nothing and then all
the files will appear again.


Okay, so even that tag= trick doesn't work so well.

I've upgraded to cvsweb 3.0.5 which (hopefully) will fix the problem.
Looks good so far. Please let me know if you have further difficulty
with the "stuck tag" problem.